Hello And Welcome to Mist Services, a service company that provides complete services for lawn sprinkler and commercial irrigation installation. We provide design services, installation, repair, technical assistance and backflow device testing which is required annually within the State of Texas.

With 30 years of industry experience, there is none better to meet your needs whether they be planning for a new irrigation sprinkler system or modifying an existing one. No job is to large or to small to take advantage of our services so if you need something related to the irrigation sprinkler industry, give us a call or email us.

2-Wire Specialist and Tucor Certified

We are a certified specialist with Tucor and can repair and troubleshoot all 2 wire irrigation systems. I have been factory trained and certified and there are very few in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area that have these credentials. If you need work, inspections or repairs, Mist Services, Terry Morris is qualified to handle your needs. Give us a call!


Our irrigation and sprinkler designs are specifically done to your satisfaction with emphasis on total cost of the irrigation sprinkler system, meeting the local code and State requirements and providing the lowest maintenance costs associated. This ensures you of a properly operating system for years while maintaining the beauty of your landscapes and adding value to your property or enhancing the prestige of your company image to the public. Follow the link button to Design from the menu for more information relating to Design Service that we provide.


Installation, while seemingly easy, is not as uncomplicated at it appears. Over the years we have learned from experience little "tricks" and how to install with future performance and maintenance in mind. Experience has taught us how to prevent many of the repairs that will come in the years afterwards and we want you satisfied with or services and products for years, not just when we walk away. Small things that are done during the installation to prevent some maintenance and ensure proper performance is just one of the reasons you should seek a professional such as us to install your irrigation sprinkler system.


Repairs are inevitable, and we are here to help you when the need arises. Whether they be caused by just time or because of some mishap such as construction of a fence or swimming pool, large or small, difficult or easy, we can fix it! We have repaired from the smallest problem such as a broken spray nozzle to massive 6 inch diameter irrigation main water lines and valves, from the simpliest manual turn on valves to the remote radio controlled valve and computer controlled systems.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing, Repair and installation

The state of Texas requires backflow prevention devices to be installed and maintained in proper working order for any sprinkler irrigation system. While a licensed irrigator can install a backflow prevention device, a licensed tester must be the one that test the devices. Just as irrigation is regulated by the State and requires licensing, backflow prevention device testing is also regulated by the State. A specific license is required for a tester and forms must usually be completed to show that the backflow device passes the test and functions properly. Thus, it meets the requirements intended by this legislation to ensure the safety of the public and prevent contamination of potable water sources.

The State's requirements makes it the responsibility of the sprinkler irrigation installer and the municipal water district to insure that an approved device is installed. It also puts the responsibility upon the owner to not only insure such a device is present, but the responsibility to insure it's proper working order. Testing on these devices must be done by a Backflow Prevention Tester once a year. Without such passing of the test administered, the water can be shut off until requirements are met. We have on staff a licensed Backflow Prevention Tester and provide that service to you as well as municipalities, irrigation installers and water districts.

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