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Why Have A Irrigation Sprinkler Water Audit Done?

Depending on who collected the statistics, geographic area and other things, most statistical data supports that somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of water used goes to irrigation purposes. With such large amount being used for that purpose and with the recent trend toward water conservation an optimization of it's use, it is extremely importart for a wise watering plan to be used by all. There is also a great economical benefit to those that do since it is estimated that 30 to 55 percent of water used for irrigation / sprinkler use is water wasted for it's intended purpose. More and more areas and water suppliers are beginning to require a water audit periodically to ensure the conservation of water that is being put upon them be laws and regulations, but it is something that every water user should want to do if for no other reason - To Save Money!

Here are some of the things that a Water Audit provided by us will include:
We will

  1. Operate all zones or stations on the system manually to insure proper function of the system and discuss with you or povide you a written report of the problems we found and corrections or repairs that are necessary for proper function,
  2. Determine if there are deficiencies in the water flow or pressure that is applied to the heads of the system,
  3. Report to you if there is a need to repair surface water leaks or obvious underground leaks and when there is an absence or improper installation of anti-siphon valves and backflow prevention devices,
  4. Inspect and report to you any need of repair or deficiencies in the condition and mounting of the control box and visible wiring, and
  5. Inspect and report to you any need of repair deficiencies in the operation of each system zone and associated valves, spray head patterns and areas of non-coverage within the zone or obvious overwatering within the zone.
  6. While requirements do not require us to inspect the automatic function of the timer or control box, the rain sensor or the effectiveness and sizing of anti-siphon valves or backflow preventers, we DO this as an included part of our service.

Our final testing results will provide you with a report that includes a computor generated program of suggested watering times for each zone, the days of the week during each season of the year that is specifically taylored to your geographic area and the landscape and watering capabilities of you irrigation / sprinkler system. This schedule is based on the Actual Performace of Your system and the collected data and measurements that resulted from the tests that we performed onsite not some "guessed" or abitrary figures pulled from the sky or other geographic areas that don't share your needs and requirements. This watering schedule could allow for you to Save enough to pay any costs associated with the audit in a very short period of time besides a duty to conserve that you may feel obligated or required to adhere to.

You would be surprised to find out how little this service costs and the money you could be saving - CALL US NOW!

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For informational purposes, system malfunction has been found by us to be one of the major causes of wasted water and excessive water bills and of course sometimes requires immediate attention before the Water Audit can be completed.

Some of the system malfunctions include:

    Mismatched sprinkler heads This will apply uneven precipitation rates over areas causing excessive flooding or dry areas. This is a strict NoNo in the industry because it then impossible to regulated the water for even precipitation rate over the area convered.
    High pressure Up to 50% of water can be lost to wind and evaporation.
    Missing sprinkler head or damaged sprinkler head This creates uneven watering patterns and flooding.
    Clogged nozzles This prevents the system from delivering water evenly over the area to be irrigated and results in dry areas.
    Sunken or elevated sprinkler head Sunken heads preven even watering and heads that are to high are easily damaged.
    Obstructed or aimed in wrong direction Many times the heads are misadjusted and waters onto hard surface areas or to areas that are not within the desired irrigation area included other's property.
    Stuck or nonfunctioning rotor heads These heads spray water in one direction and do not rotate to the desired watering pattern.

Our Certified Water Auditor is also holds a Landscape Irrigation License and can, at your request, do any necessary repairs for you at the time of the water audit and may save you money on that as well.