Design Information

This page is in process for completion. As soon as text necessary is available, it will be updated. Below is a summary of what is expected to be included.


Design Principals and "Free" Design Services

Why is irrigation sprinkler design technically difficult and why then are free sprinkler designs offered then?

This area will give information as to the technical aspects of proper design planning, variables of a system that must be considered when using proper design procedures and what you get with "free" design services, after all, nothing is life worth having is truly free is it.

Design Basics

Carrying on from the "Principals" More layout of proper design. Why we must to establish answers to variables necessary before proceeding with design and why they are important. .

Code and Legal Requirements.

Code and legal requirements discussion. This is applicable to Texas only, other states will have their own state and local code requirements and must be complied with.

Our Experience in Design Service

Design services for small projects such as garden or drip system projects, design services for large commercial projects and everything in between.

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